If you don’t have electricity please check if a fuse has tripped and unplug all appliances to check if one of them is responsible for the trip. We find that this is the case in about 90% of cases and it’s usually a kettle, toaster, vacuum or hair straightener that’s the culprit. If you’ve gone through this process and you are still having issues, please text 0433 296 231 if you don’t have electricity, hot water or you have a leak.

Please return this with your comments within 7 days of your lease commencing. Remember that this is the document that helps us resolve the return of your bond and that is worth 4 weeks rent! So, please take the time to check and make notes where necessary. Email your completed condition report to admin@letsrent.com.au

All bonds are lodged with the Rental Bond Board. When it comes to releasing the bond, both the owner and the tenant must agree on the outcome, otherwise the decision can be delegated to NCAT through the dispute process.

As soon as you know! Then we can sort out finding a new tenant as soon as possible and get out of your way before you start packing to move out. Email pm@letsrent.com.au to let us know your plans.

It would be great if you could email maintenance@letsrent.com.au and attach any photos that may demonstrate what the problem is.
You can also report the repair using the form below.