That’s always our aim because this provides you with the most protection against the risk of vacancy. We have 85% of all tenants on leases and always recommend this to clients but of course that is a personal choice.

We have strong processes around being proactive as your tenants lease is due to expiry with our first contact with you around 8 weeks prior to the lease expiring. This enables us to plan and be prepared if the tenant is planning to vacate or if the tenant is reluctant to sign a new lease. Hey, sometimes it will be smooth sailing with your tenant agreeing to a rent increase and signing a new lease.


At Let’s Rent, we believe that having portfolio managers is completely outdated and terribly inefficient. So, we thought about how things could run smoothly and efficiently and came up with a task based team structure.

That means you talk to the team member best placed to answer your question. Take a look at the team here.

Otherwise you are always welcome to email Lisa on and she can direct your question appropriately.

We review the rent each year when we look at whether you will want your tenant to stay on. We’ll give you a market review and advise you on the best way to handle giving your tenant a rent increase if the market suggests this is appropriate.

We’re super careful about not putting you in a risky situation where your tenant vacates due to a rent increase. It’s a fine balance but we will always let you know the pros and cons.

We will receive rent from your tenant on a fortnightly or monthly basis. We’ll then pay any invoices on your behalf and then disburse the balance to you at the end of each month. This will happen on the last business day of each month.

Of course, the statement will be emailed to you at the same time with soft copies of all invoices attached.

We love this questions because at Let’s Rent, we have 99% of our tenants in advance on average. Why? We set up all tenants on direct debit so all tenants know when we will be taking the money out of there account. We also talk to them about our expectations for zero arrears. After all isn’t that what signing a lease means.

On those odd occasions where there may be an issue, we will let you know and do all we can to work with the tenant to get things back on track.

Well, we started working through this one about 7 years ago. We turned it on its head and now we are in control because all rent received is via direct debit. This actually makes it easy for tenants to pay on time as we set the date and they know each month or each fortnight the exact day we will be debiting their account.

It also means, it is very clear when funds are not available in the account as the direct debit will fail. We explain the process to tenants when we go through the tenant induction. We are very proud that our arrears are consistently less than 1% of all properties we manage.

There is always more to learn, more to try, and more that can be done. Our innovation is one of the reasons we have flourished. We are early adopters and have been one of the first to take on many new technologies to improve our service standards and quality. At the heart of our desire to improve is our mission to offer the best possible support and service to our clients and tenants. We’ve been giving the big guys a run for their money since 2005.

Well, we have a strong brand which is growing all the time so at this stage we often have great people approaching us. We’ve found that recruiting people with the right skills and attitudes is far, far more important than recruiting for property management experience. In fact most of the Let’s Rent team have been trained in house.

We know that a strong negotiator might not be skilled at data entry. Someone who loves project management might not like accounts. We don’t operate like a normal agency – we have specialist tasks, specialist roles, and specialist people.

We’ll never bombard you with red tape or unnecessary process. Our job is to make renting a property simple. For you, we’ll always be pro-active. We’ll break it down, tell you your options, and give you sound advice based on our many years of experience. No fuss and less stress so there’s more time for you to focus on what you’d rather be doing.