Over the course of our lives most of us will move several times and it never seems to be a process that gets easier. Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, sea- or tree-changing, moving house is always a busy time, requiring a lot of thought and planning to ensure a smooth and successful move. To help you on your way, we have put together a host of things that you will need on you to-do list.

Connect your utilities

Prior to moving in, it’s a good idea to organise your utilities in advance. We recommend calling your provider and organising everything to be turned on the day you move in. It is important to keep in mind the company will need a few days to set this up, so ensure you contact them in advance.

Take care of any outstanding bills

Double-check if you have any outstanding rates or utility bills. If you can, it could be a good idea to pay them off before you move or let your provider know you are moving, to reduce the risk of losing the paperwork or accidentally accruing late fees.

Moving Day

The secret to a smooth moving day lies in developing a game plan and sticking to it. We have included a checklist of everything you need to think about for the big move:

Consider insurance

Whether you are buying or renting, it is a good idea to consider organise insurance and protect your belongings. You can also ask your provider about cover during your move just in case anything doesn’t arrive at the new property in its original condition.

Whether you have one, three or ten properties, a key focus for any investor is to achieve the best possible return on investment. As your portfolio expands it may seem simpler let the sales agent retain the management, however, having multiple real estate agencies managing your properties can reduce the comprehensive guidance needed to maximise the value of your property portfolio.
If your property portfolio is spread across multiple agencies, it may be time to consider consolidating your portfolio and selecting one managing agency. The holistic approach to your property portfolio has added day-to-day benefits and the greater financial benefits can be very rewarding.

A single point of contact
As your property portfolio expands, having multiple agencies managing your portfolio creates the multiple points of contact you need to engage with. Each individual contact point requires its own amount of allocated time that includes meeting, reviewing, consulting, chatting and in some instances travel.

At Let’s rent we consolidate our landlord’s property portfolios under one property manager. This provides our landlords with the benefit of having one primary contact, reducing our landlord’s time commitments and administration burden. It provides consistency in the service we provide, communication and expectations. It allows our team to develop more personalised relationships with you and better tailor our services to meet your expectations.

Holistic strategic planning
By consolidating your investment property portfolio, your property manager can potentially gain a better understanding of your portfolio and help it grow. This possible growth can not only be applied to return on investment (through increased rental yields) but through the expansion of your portfolio as a whole too.

The monitoring of your assets to ensure that you have sufficient return on investment from all of your properties is a goal that you both mutually share. Informed decision making, collaboration and financial stability are just some of the benefits of using a single property manager.

Improves cost effectiveness and time efficiency
Fees can range depending on the property type, location and value of the asset and it can be tempting to go with the cheapest managing agent, however, this more often than not will cost you in the long run. Remember the old saying, you pay for what you get?

The good news is consolidating your property portfolio has added financial benefits! When it comes time to negotiate your management rate, having your entire portfolio managed by one entity will certainly provide you with more bargaining power. If you have various Property Managers looking after single assets, they are more likely to charge you at the highest market rates. If you consolidate these, you will be able to reduce the fees to a highly competitive cost structure.

Whilst there are many good Property Managers in the industry, consolidating your investment properties will allow you to manager a single contact rather than multiple. There will be no more scrolling through your email or your phone trying to figure out which property manager belongs to which property, a single point of contact will have your time constraints heavily reduced, making property investing a much more fun experience.

Specialist property managers
A common occurrence that can come with property investment is to simply go with the company that the property was purchased through. Yes, the purchasing process can be a stressful experience and it may seem easier to lets the sales agent retain the management of the property, however, this can be a costly mistake.

Examining the market and comparing what different property management agencies offer is a vital step to take. An exceptionally low management fee may seem like a great deal but you may be missing out on better service and more strategic long-term savings opportunities. It is also important to choose an agent who is interested in looking after your property, not simply retaining the management until you are ready to sell.

Whilst it can be a lot of work, it is incredibly important to find a property management agency that is right for you. A crucial part of buying an investment property and using property management is getting the best possible service, at the best possible price – at Let’s Rent, we are specialist property managers with a single focus on how to holistically manage your property portfolio. We pride ourselves on our unprecedented level of service and the successful management of your investment.


If you would like to learn more about the benefits of consolidating your property portfolio with Let’s Rent call Jennifer, our Client Relationship Manager today.


Unless you’ve somehow missed the news over the past 12-odd months, you’ll know that rental markets have been in flux. With vacancy rates rising for private rental properties in Sydney over the last year, it’s never been so important to ensure that quality tenants are having a positive experience living in your property. This has always been one of our central principles at Let’s Rent: if you have great tenants in place, let’s do everything we can to keep them happy and renewing that lease!


Here are four of the most essential factors for a great tenant experience, and how each can help to keep your property consistently leased.


Clear communication

Many people have had a tough time of things throughout the pandemic, and clear, responsive communication is more vital than ever in providing peace of mind for tenants. Our residential property management services in Sydney are focused on maintaining respectful relationships with tenants and outlining expectations with clarity, so the tenant is never left in the dark. This includes answering phone calls and emails, and providing our personalised online portal to keep documentation and policies all in one place.

Responsive maintenance

Maintenance is, of course, an important element of a great tenant experience. Repairs and maintenance are to be expected with most properties, and it’s how these requests are handled that can determine whether the tenant chooses to stay on in the long term. We provide an urgent 24/7 phone number for all repair issues that can’t wait, as well as a straightforward online form for non-urgent repairs. Having a reliable network of trusted trades available at short notice is also essential to a positive tenant experience.


Consistency and reliability

Peace of mind is something both tenants and landlords are looking for, and having the right structures in place can help to provide that peace of mind. For example, at Let’s Rent 99% of our tenants pay via direct debit and understand from the very beginning that there’s zero tolerance for arrears. We take great care in adhering to the NSW Residential Tenancies Act, for example providing plenty of notice for rent inspections. Having this reliable framework in place benefits everyone: reassuring both tenant and landlord that their rights are protected and respected.


Proactive lease management

The end of a lease provides the ideal opportunity to retain a great tenant. Tenants may be going through any number of decisions as their lease nears its completion, including whether to move to a new area, choose a new property or to negotiate on rent. By communicating clearly with them ahead of time, we can get a sense of where the tenant is at and ensure a competitive rate for your property if they wish to stay on. We find that being proactive at this particular stage can save both tenants and landlords a lot of stress, in many cases!


If you’re been searching for the right property management team for rental properties in Balmain and Sydney’s inner west and eastern suburbs, get in touch with Let’s Rent today.

If you’ve been looking for rental properties in Balmain in Sydney, or suburbs such as Rozelle or Leichhardt, it’s definitely worth expanding your search to include Lilyfield. This understated suburb is getting attention for all the right reasons: it offers beautifully relaxed and family-oriented living, easy proximity to the city and water, and a wonderfully diverse community.

What’s Lilyfield like to live in?

Situated just 6 kilometres from the CBD, Lilyfield is home to plenty of families including multi-generational households. There are quality schools to choose from in the suburb, including Inner Sydney Montessori School and Orange Grove Primary School as well as those in surrounding areas. There are both local grocery stores and the big name supermarkets close by, as well as a local café strip at Orange Grove Plaza. The light rail stop in Lilyfield also makes for effortless commuting to the city. So what about your spare time?

Well, here’s how you might like to spend your weekends in Lilyfield:

What types of rental properties are available in Lilyfield?

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to property types in Lilyfield. You could even find yourself a renovated Federation home or one of the original workers’ cottages to rent. Whether you’re after a lock-up-and-leave apartment or a home with a well-sized backyard for the kids and dog, you’re likely to find it in Lilyfield. This area offers some fantastic rental prices considering how close you are to the city and Iron Bay – put simply, it’s your chance to live in one of Sydney’s most desirable areas with a great community feel.

Let’s Rent provides property management in Sydney, and we regularly have properties listed in Lilyfield and surrounds. Why not check out our listings now?

Explore private rental properties in Sydney and Lilyfield

Balmain has a special place in the heart of many Sydneysiders. This suburb is located on a peninsula just west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and therefore it’s perfectly placed for transport, lifestyle and some pretty spectacular harbour views. Its history as an industrial area means that the area is dotted with restored workers’ cottages and terrace homes, providing streets that are filled with character.

So what should you be looking for in Balmain rental properties?


If you’re smart about it, you’ll find yourself an apartment or house that puts you within easy reach of Balmain’s best features. Darling Street is considered Balmain’s social hub, filled with cafés, pubs and boutiques nestled in a long line of historically diverse buildings. Darling Street is also home to the Balmain Markets, which offers a selection of art and craft, organic goodies, clothing and antiques every Saturday. There are many times when you can walk down the street or sit and sip your coffee with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in your sights.

But throw a pin at a map of Balmain and you simply can’t go wrong wherever it lands, because it’s all close to the city and the waterfront. We love the little side streets and lanes here because they offer a quiet and village-like atmosphere that’s minutes away from everything you need.

Transport in Balmain is easy with its several ferry wharves. It’s certainly not a hardship to commute to Circular Quay on the boat every morning or to jump on one of the regular bus services. These ferries open up your weekend options too, with a whole river of destinations to explore.

Your second choice is in regards to which architectural style will fit your personal taste. In this area, you might have the choice of a historical weatherboard house complete with white picket fence, a freshly renovated terrace home with original features, or a sleek modern dwelling with all the mod cons. If you’re looking for dog friendly rental properties in Sydney, it’s hard to beat a place that’s close to the waterfront walking paths of Ballast Point and Mort Bay Parks. Perhaps it’s this range of homes that make the area so diverse in terms of residents. You’ll come across young families, city professionals, empty nesters, and just about everyone in between in Balmain, making your morning ventures to your local café a friendly and interesting one.

Let’s Rent looks after many properties in Balmain and the surrounding suburbs of Rozelle, Birchgrove, and Lilyfield. You can view available Balmain properties to rent here. Or if you’re looking for a real estate rental agency to look after your Balmain property, our team offers a standard of service that provides total peace of mind for owners. Contact us today for property management that’s honest, thorough, and reliable.