Apply Now

Great! You would like to rent one of our properties. It’s super easy.

If you are completing the pdf version, please email to once completed with the subject line “APPLICATION”. Don’t forget the attach all of the relevant documentation including identification documents, any written references, proof of ownership of any property you own (e.g. council or water rates notice) and pay slips. Most importantly, we will need a copy of your current ledger so if you are able to obtain a copy from your current agent, it will really speed things up.

Once we have received your application, we will confirm receipt and will commence checking your references as soon as we can. If we receive your application over a weekend, reference checking will commence on Monday.

Our aim is to let you know as soon as we can if your application has been approved. Letting your referees know that its a priority to return our calls is really important. If we are able to finalise the reference checking quickly, we would be able to get back to you that day, otherwise it may be the following day.

Once your application is approved, a non refundable deposit of one weeks rent is due. This secures your application and means we can no longer show prospective tenants through the property.

Get the PDF Application form here