What Could Be Holding Back Tenants Applying For Your Rental Property?

Author: Let's Rent Team, September 30, 2021

As an investor or property owner, you understand that making sure a rental home is appealing to potential tenants is so important! So, we’ve put together a list of ways you can ensure those inspecting your property can’t say ‘no’!


Simply put – if it’s in a good spot, people want to move in! Research shows those who live close to work and things they need quick access to live happier and longer. But even more than that,we want to live somewhere central to make our lives easier. When looking for a property for you to invest in, consider the location and ask questions like:

  • Is it close to shopping centres and supermarkets?
  • If the property could be a family home, is it in a school catchment?
  • Does it have appealing items like a beach nearby or parks?
  • Is it in a popular, safe neighbourhood?
  • Would you like to live here?

A lot of these components are necessities and mean you can travel from point A to B quickly.

Air Conditioning

While this has not always been vital in a house, living in Australia today means you want air conditioning in Summer! With not all properties accessible to the beach, air conditioning allows comfort and control. It is as good for the families as it is for the shift workers who need to rest during the day!

While air conditioning can be expensive and doesn’t need to be a major investment, having air conditioning installed in the main bedroom and living room ensures the most used areas are covered. Sometimes it can be enough to spread throughout the house.

Fans, large windows and natural breeze can also take the pressure off installing air conditioning that services the entire house. By ensuring natural air can rotate through the home, renters are also treated to saving large amounts of money on electricity bills – another great tip!


Pets are as much family members than our own family to many of us. More and more renters are applying with pets on their application.

When you put your property on the market, it’s a good move to consider making it pet friendly. It increases appeal, heightens your chances of more application forms being received. And can be a simple answer to quickly get your house off the market. Tenants with pets tend to want terms that are longer as well since it can be tricky to find properties accepting pets at all.

Remember – you don’t just have to be open to ‘all pets’. Many places have rules that restrict pets over 10kgs or only allow outside pets.

Keep it Clean!

We all like a clean house. And as much as it seems silly to add to this list, it is important. We can become busy in our lives, but if you’ve got an upcoming inspection, make sure the property is clean and tidy. Tenants want to feel attracted to the house immediately, and if they feel warm and as if it is their own home, they will apply. There is a variety of cleaning services in every town to best suit all budgets.

Aside from keeping the house tidy, other things you can do is have the carpets cleaned, lawn mowed, outside of the house washed and the windows cleaned. Make a good first impression!


Some of the cheapest houses in the best locations need a bit of TLC. And there are lots of clever ways you can do it on a budget. Upgrading the most used areas of the house, like the kitchen and bathroom, creates a modern and comforting feel to the home.

If you’d like to go even cheaper than new ovens and showers, things you can do include:

  • Replacing old tiles
  • Upgrading doors on cabinets
  • Change the shower head
  • Get a fresh coat of paint

Outside Option

We are very lucky to have beautiful views and surroundings in Sydney. Make sure your property has enough outdoor space to suit the size of the home. This can be perfect for hosting! With wonderful weather all year round, an outdoor space can be used and adapted for a number of reasons. For those who continue to experience lockdown, a private outdoor space can be a lifesaver! Tenants can adapt it to suit their lifestyle, family, environment and preference. This addition can also add value to your property.