3 Ways That Technology Plays a Key Role in Effective Property Management

Author: letsrent_editor, January 1, 2021

While we firmly believe in providing genuine people-based property management services in Sydney, we’re also very aware that the right technologies can help to make these services more reliable, robust and responsive. Here are three big areas where our use of technology allows us to provide highly effective property management.


Maintenance requests and management

Here at Let’s Rent we use a modern software package that’s used by only 90 other agents in Australia, which enables us to keep better track of details relating to your property. Your tenant’s maintenance request doesn’t just get scribbled on a Post-It note and promptly forgotten. We make it easy to submit a maintenance request on our website or to email the team, and then we follow up with a timely response. Our internal systems enable us to keep a detailed record of property inspections, photos and maintenance requests and invoices so there is a clear record for owners.

Making your paperwork easy

You don’t need to be bothered by every detail of your investment property – that’s why you use residential property management! Our internal system allows us to offer a streamlined paperwork process for owners. We run a trust account for rental and bond monies, which is reconciled daily and audited annually. Rents are paid either fortnightly or monthly into this account by direct debit, which allows us to identify any issues very early on with zero tolerance for any arrears. We manage the payment of your water rates, council rates, strata levies and maintenance costs as needed. These costs are deducted from rental payments and transferred to you at the end of each month. You receive an email each month with a detailed electronic statement including all paid invoices. Then at the end of the year, we send through an electronic statement outlining your income and expenses. It’s all so much easier for you and your accountant.


Rent reviews and lease renewals

Tenants will naturally be reassessing their rental situation as their lease expiry comes up. Our internal systems means that we get in touch with you about 8 weeks before the lease expires to review the situation. We can talk about whether you have plans for the property, whether the tenant is interested in staying on and whether rent should be adjusted. Being proactive with this type of timing allows you and us to create the best plan for the situation. If your tenant will be staying on we get the paperwork organised to make renewal seamless, and if the tenant is moving on we can get started finding a new tenant to keep any vacancy period to an absolute minimum.


To get started with a modern and progressive property manager in Sydney’s inner west or eastern suburbs, contact the Let’s Rent team today.