Why the Best Property Managers Don’t Have Sales Agents

Author: Let's Rent Team, October 10, 2020

Most property management companies offer both real estate and property management services in Sydney. While their property management team can help you attract and retain tenants for your investment property, the sales team can help you sell your property if you choose to offload it.

On first thoughts, this might seem like a solid idea. The team already knows your investment property, which makes both leasing and selling simpler. Right?

But here’s one big question to consider:

What if the incentive to sell your property for you outweighs the incentive to manage your property well?

Providing multiple services means that there could be multiple motivations when it comes to giving you advice and support.

For example, if house prices are high could you be encouraged to make a quick sale – even though it may not be in your best interest?

Using a dedicated property manager takes all of the ambiguity out of the equation.

We’re in business for one reason and one reason only: getting you the very best rental return. That means we’re motivated to find you high quality tenants, to ensure your property stays in its optimal condition, and to show your tenants with respect with clear communication. It also means we can focus all of our attention on continually improving our team, processes and platforms.

At Lent’s Rent, for example:

  • We dedicate time to fully training our property managers – something which is surprisingly rare in the industry.
  • We’re highly focused on answering phone calls and emails.
  • We’ve put time into finding the right software package so we can deliver the best service.
  • We have the time to conduct detailed property inspections and to communicate clearly with tenants.
  • We provide advice around rental rates and property improvements that are focused solely on getting you the best rental yield.
  • We’ve also developed our policy that all rent is to be received via direct debit, which identifies any issues early on and allows us to maintain a very low rate of arrears – typically less than 1% of all properties.

These reasons all contribute to why almost 88% of all our new business still comes from referrals: a rate which has been quite consistent since 2005.

By choosing property management in Sydney without a sales team attached, you get 100% focused service. And if you ever do decide you want to sell your investment property, you can be confident it’s not because a sales team has been in your ear.

So when it comes to choosing from property management companies, consider choosing one that only offers property management services like Let’s Rent.