Let’s Rent Monthly Property Management Update – August 2020

Author: Lisa Indge, August 15, 2020

In the last four weeks, we’ve seen an increase in stock with a general rolling over of tenants into new properties as their leases expire. Yes, they are looking for value and an increase in amenity. Those who are out and about are primarily those in employment rather than people who are struggling with reductions in wages.

Clearly, when leases are coming up for renewal, the first thing tenants are asking for is a reduction in rent. We are managing these requests with care and consideration around maintaining the tenancy without reducing rents to below-market levels.

We have done an incredible job for our clients in maintaining the percentage of tenancies on lease which is a smidge over 89% at the end of July. The high number of tenancies on leases has provided our clients with much greater security in tenure as well as maintaining rental levels. To put this into context, many agencies only have 50-65% on their tenants on leases, the rest are on month to month leases which allows tenants the opportunity to vacate at any time with 21 days’ notice.

The May REI vacancy rate for Inner Sydney increased from 5.0% in May to 5.8% in June in contrast to Let’s Rent’s vacancy rate being 5.4% and 2.3% respectively. Our vacancy rate for end of July has crept up to 3% which is above the level considered to be a balance between owner and tenant interests which is 2%. We are doing our best to keep it as low as we can in these challenging times.

Let’s Rent
February 1.4%
March 2.3%
April 3.2%
May 5.4%
June 2.3%
July 3.0%
Six month average: 2.4%

REI Vacancy Rate Inner Sydney
January 3.1%
February 2.8%
March 2.5%
April 4.3%
May 5.0%
June 5.8%
Six month average: 3.9%

Take care and stay safe.

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