What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Good question. Let’s start at the top.

Back in 2005, it was clear things weren’t working out in the rental game. Owners were unhappy, tenants felt like second-class citizens and property managers were miserable. Surely it didn’t need to be this way?

Enter Let’s Rent. Kicking off over 10 years ago, we made it our mission to turn property management on its head with a new philosophy, vibrant culture – and best of all – no sales agents. This turned out to be the start of something big.

Since then, we’ve continued to push the property management industry boundaries as far and wide as we can, never afraid to innovate and always providing our clients and their tenants with the stellar service they’ve come to expect.

Our vision is to be the property management number one, offering a service where care, diligence, expertise and professionalism are paramount; where owners and renters can trust that when it’s needed, their property manager will get the job done.

We train to ensure we're the best

We make a point of training our own team. Why? We’ve found that standard of property managers in the industry can be shockingly low, generally because of poor training (or no training at all). That’s why we take the time to keep our team up to speed and make sure they’ve got what it take to be industry experts.

We’re structured for results

Unlike other companies, we don’t have portfolio managers. Instead we have a task-based team structure with team members being highly skilled in select areas. We’ve found this gets the best results and cuts down on any possible risk such as rental arrears or property vacancy.

We’re innovators

We’re constantly looking to innovate to enable us to continue offering superior service. For example, we use a cutting-edge software package that’s used by only 90 other agents in Australia. We think it’s really given us the edge.

We’re communicators

Building positive relationships is a priority at Let’s Rent. After all, if we get on well with your tenant, they’re less likely to move on. And should they decide it’s time to leave, we’ll be in a better position to reduce your vacancy risk. That’s because tenants are only required to give access to show prospective new tenants through 14 days before they vacate. Most of our tenants, however, happily allow access 4 weeks prior to vacating.

The result? The time between tenants moving out and a new lease starting can be as little as 3-7 days.

Our track record speaks for itself

90% – the percentage of our new business that comes from referrals. We believe if clients and tenants and others are happy to recommend us, then we’re doing things right.

89% – the number of Let’s Rent tenants on leases, providing security for both clients and tenants

$844 – our average rent per week per property on our portfolio

0.04% – the percentage of our tenants in arrears at the end of each month

1.6% – the percentage of properties vacant on our portfolio at any one time

1.5 weeks – the average time on market per property before a non-refundable deposit is received

The Team

Lisa Indge

Lisa’s commitment to changing the face of the property management is not limited to the way Let’s Rent runs; she is also an active member of the REI Property Management Chapter where she contributes to industry-wide change. Her expert command of all things property makes her equipped to effectively manage any situation the portfolio can throw at her and her team. She’s enormously proud of the trademark friendliness that her team thrives on and is constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance service so Let’s Rent always stay one step ahead of the rest of the industry.

Linda Battye

With our business continually growing, we had the need for a chief organiser and just happened upon a referral for Linda – the stars aligned!

Linda has a solid background in client relationships and experience in various areas of administration gained while working as an executive assistant for a good 12 years.  She realised that she was ready for a change of pace and industry with a genuine interest in people and property.

Christian Yan

Christian’s background in construction project management means he is perfectly placed to manage all maintenance for Let’s Rent properties.  His knowledge of costing and types of maintenance has been invaluable in getting through some pretty tricky maintenance items.  His positive attitude and persistence are appreciated by both clients, tenants and fellow team members.  Christian is the go to man for maintenance and repairs!

Skie Watson

Skie has a background in managing accommodation and had previously worked in real estate before she joined the Let’s Rent team.  She found she just wanted to get back to the coal face and work in property management.  She has the ability to work across a number of tasks and is super organised.  You’ll find her taking care of the lease renewals, vacate inspections and any other little thing that just needs to be done.  Nothing fazes her and she is always a happy face around the office.

Asher Roberts

Asher is enthusiastic and pro-active with a great customer service focus. He has completed a degree at Sydney University majoring in Marketing and Business Law. He previously worked as a BDM and Marketing Executive and brings these skills into his role at Let’s Rent. His focus is all things leasing and assists our MD with new business also. Asher conducts our open houses, routine inspections, checks applications and works hard to serve our clients and tenants as best he can.

Max Indge

Max’s focus is leasing and new business, he is committed, capable and determined to make sure things are done right the first time. His follow up, attention to detail make him a favourite with both clients and tenants. He works part time while currently completing a degree at Sydney Uni.

Jessica Indge

Jessica is super organised and calm.  She is an absolute whizz when it comes to administration tasks and trust account input.

She works part time and is currently completing a degree in forensic biology.

Tex Robertson

Tex is smart, organised, methodical and a quiet achiever. He is a reserved and highly focused individual who takes care of all things admin-related for our clients, tenants and the wider Let’s Rent team. He works part time and is currently completing a degree in engineering.